JPSAE 2014 Application

Welcome to the Joint Polytechnic Special Admissions Exercise (JPSAE) 2014 online application portal.  All applications for courses under the JPSAE should be submitted online through this portal.  For more information on JPSAE, please click on the Overview link above.

How to Apply

1.         Applicants applying through this portal should take note of the following:-

(a)      The JPSAE online application will commence on the same day as the official announcement of the 2013 Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’-Level Examination results.  The JPSAE registration period will start from 3.00 pm on 13 Jan 2014 until 4.00 pm on 17 Jan 2014. 
(b)      To participate in the JPSAE, eligible applicants will need to sign up for an account through this portal.  An email with your login password will be sent to you after you have done so. 
(c)      Applicants are strongly advised to download and complete the following worksheet to prepare for your application before accessing this portal to submit your JPSAE application.  Please note that you will be allowed to amend your application throughout the application period.  However, you will need to duly complete and submit your application by 17 Jan 2014, 4.00 pm.  

Release of JPSAE Posting Results

2.         The results of your application will be released through this portal at the same time as the release of the JAE posting results.  Please access this portal to check on the outcome of your application then.


For feedback or enquiry, you can email to