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Polytechnic Courses For Academic year 2018/2019

  • NYP - Nanyang Polytechnic
  • NP - Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • RP - Republic Polytechnic
  • SP - Singapore Polytechnic
  • TP - Temasek Polytechnic
JAE Course Cluster Course Title JAE Course Code Polytechnic 2018 JAE ELR2B21
MEDIA & DESIGN Sonic Arts R24 RP 20
MEDIA & DESIGN Spatial Design C64 NYP 20
MEDIA & DESIGN Visual Communication C63 NYP 19
MEDIA & DESIGN Visual Communication and Media Design S93 SP 10
MEDIA & DESIGN Visual Effects N78 NP 14
MEDIA & DESIGN Visual Effects and Motion Graphics S39 SP 14
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 JAE ELR2B2 for polytechnic courses serves only as a guide for students to make informed decision during their course selection.
* Pre-determined aggregate for priority posting (For applicants who had indicated C97/N69 as first choice in JAE)